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Nov 17, 2013 3:00pm PST
are interesting. obama retreats on health rules. health law shakes presidency. and the president admitted what everyone in america already knew. obamacare is a total and unmitigated disaster. among those who urged the president to cave, bill clinton. >> the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> i said it would do everything we can to fix this problem and today i am offering an idea that will help to it. >> when you look at obamacare i do not think there is a way to fix it. >> house speaker john boehner in a lengthy news conference. the president said he will try to regain the trust of the american people. he has a very tall mountain to climb. the latest poll, 54% of the american people disapprove of his job performance. gallup, 52%. of theregain the trust american people? >> time will tell. i do not know. , incredibly partial important commodity for president. once that trust is compromised, it is tough to reclaim it. he can only do it by leveling and taking full responsibility and accountability for this program.
Nov 24, 2013 3:00pm PST
of president obama's nominees to the ac circuit court of appeals. the move short-circuits filibusters on most presidential nominees except for those from the u.s. supreme court. >> most important and most dangerous restructuring since thomas jefferson wrote them. >> enough is enough. they american pupils as ness is too important to keep falling prey day after day to washington politics. >> we are approaching a slippery slope that will destroy the very unique aspect of this institution called the united states senate. >> i'm wondering if senator mccain has a point. will the senate begin to resemble the house? rex it will. you will see a marked increase in partisanship. filibuster was not used and the republicans have abused it and overused it and trivialized it. and the great civil rights fight of 1964, the difference between then and now was found in the boat. they were 29 votes to keep the filibuster. keep it going. ofinst the civil rights act 1964. 24 of those were cast i democrats. the parties were not polarized. they are now polarized. you have a senate majority. would be the law of unint
Nov 3, 2013 3:00pm PST
. [applause] president obama said it over again. if you like your insurance plan you could keep it. the health care act will not change that. millions of americans who are buying limited coverage are receiving letters after all. the president's response. >> if you're getting one of these letters shop around in the new marketplace. you will get a better deal. >> a lot requires that health insurance not cover hospital, maternity, mental health, and prescription drugs. >> if insurers decided is a lawgrade we said under the you have to replace them with quality, conference of coverage. to thenot tell that american people to begin with? wrecks that is a good question. of good questions. i do not think there is an answer. it obviously was not true. that is it. why put yourself behind the all like this? wrecks it was a campaign and a good slogan for the campaign. for 97% of people it is true but it is not for the three percent and we are hearing from them and it is a big embarrassment for the white house. >> when did he know it was not true? that goes to the larger question about the quality control
Nov 8, 2013 8:30pm EST
of the reasons the democratic senators are so afraid of obamacare and went to see obama about it is because of the virginia results. >> mark? >> i do not know anyone who seriously believed that mcauliffe had a double-digit lead. the "post" had an outside poll on it. mcauliffe did. it was always a 5, 6, 7-point margin. president obama carried the state by four points. terry mcauliffe carried it by three. i think the perception is obamacare and the rollout in the disappointment and all that dissatisfaction did in fact hurt, and perception does become reality, no question about it. the fact is for republicans it is a very serious warning that they cannot run somebody who is so far out of the mainstream in a mainstream state. >> nina? >> i agree with both charles and i thk cuccinelli lucked out inw. shutdown, but that was over. the last week or 10 days, there was nothg but is crescendo, bad story about obamacare. so, i think he definitely benefited by that and i think it is a warning to republicans and democrats. charles is completely right. the democrat senate candidates are freaking out and t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)